House Rules for Destructible Terrian.

Some Mighty Machines of War can reshape the battle field around them by tearing down buildings, or destroy things.

To represent this some Terrain has the “Destructible House Rule.” I’ve written these here to use as a basis for testing in some games.

Destructible House Rule.

The first Idea is that Destructible Terrain can not just be shot by normal weapons for any meaningful effect.   It can’t normally be targeted.  It doesn’t count as a Model,  so any effect that would impact models doesn’t work on it

Each Piece of Destructible Terrain has a number of Status Levels.

These can be:

Healthy.   If the Terrain has not been damaged it is Healthy.
Damaged.  Terrain that is Damaged is at this level. 
Collapsing.   Terrain with this Will come suffer “Coming Down” at the end of next turn.
Coming Down.  At the end of this turn the terrain is replaced by Rubble.
Rubble.  Replace the footprint of the model with Rubble Terrain.

The point of Collapsing and Coming down is to give your opponent the chance to react to terrain being removed.  Rather than destroying a building,  and the getting line of sight to the things behind it and charging it. 

Terrain has a Hardness value.   Some attacks can explicitly target terrain. 

Models that can Power Attack Throw or Power Headbutt can use a “Bring it down” attacks to target this model as if it were a Medium based model. Instead of their usual effects,   each power attack automatically hits, and rolls power attack damage total, and compares it to the Hardness of the Terrain.  If the total is higher than the Hardness then the Destructible Terrain takes damage.   The following give you additional dice:  The Open Fist advantage – models with this advantage are great at tearing down terrain.   Siege Weapon also gives you an additional dice.    The models can also boost the roll with usual use of focus.

Also some weapons are Siege Weapons.  This can make a “Bring it down” attack.  In this case – roll to hit Def5 ranged attack,  and if it hits rather than doing normal damage make a damage roll using the power of the weapon,  if you exceed the hardness of the Terrain you mark one status level on the Terrian. 
For example, a light headbutt a building.    It will be P12, with 2 dice,  boosting for a 3rd
A Juggernaut would be PS14, with 3 Dice without boosting because of open first.
A heavy with Gladiator and an open fist would be PS14 with 4 dice, without boosting.

“Bring it down attack”s that exceed the hardness of the structure mark Status levels based on their


Light Warjacks mark 1
Heavy Warjacks mark up to 2
Super Heavy or collosals mark up to 3.

Example Terrian:

Statue of the ancient Hero  – Suggestion a model on a plinth with a 50mm circular foundation.  
Status levels Healthly, Damaged, Collapsing, Coming Down, Rubble.     Hardness 18.

The Town Hall – Suggestion a building in town.  May be 5”x5”
Status levels, Healthy, Damaged, Damaged, Damaged, Collapsing, Coming Down, Rubble.  Hardness 22

Guard Tower –  as per “Guard Tower” model kit.
Status levels, Healthy Damaged, Damaged, Damaged, Collapsing, Coming Down, Rubble,  Hardness 24.

Example of play 1:
Light Warjack trys to crush a statue of an ancient Hero of the enemy. 

It has to do a normal advance and spends a focus to use a power attack “Bring it down”.  It has no special equipment but is still a mighty weapon of war.  Rolls at PS12, vs Hardness 18,  it needs to Roll a 7 to do damage, and if it has the focus it can boost.  If it succeeds the Healthy level is cross out,  and the statue is now damaged.   

Instead, another statue is attacked by “Bring it down” by a heavy warjack with an open fist.  Its Rolls PS14 with an additional dice.  Needs only a 4.   It succeeds and because it’s a heavy warjack it does 2 Status levels, in this case crossing out Healthy and Damaged,   meaning the Statue is Collapsing.    At the end of the next turn, it will be replaced with Rubble.

Example 2 Against the Guard Tower. 
A light warjack with an open fist, and a heavy both go to it and do “Bring it down” attacks.

The light is PS12, 3Dice,  vs 24 to remove one status. (can boost)
The heavy is PS14, 2 Dice vs 24 to remove two status.  (can boost)

So after one round if they roll OK,  they remove up to 3 status.

Healthy, Damaged, Damaged, Damaged, Collapsing, Coming Down, Rubble, 

With one more damage the building would start collapsing.

So on the next round, is a Heavy attacks it successfully with a Bring it down,  it will cross off 2 more levels and become Coming Down.  Which will reduce the tower to rubble at the end of the turn, killing everyone inside.

Healthy, Damaged, Damaged, Damaged, Collapsing, Coming Down, Rubble, 

If you start your turn in a Collapsing Building if you don’t get out that turn,  it will Come Down that turn, reducing it self to rubble,  and killing anyone inside it.