Coming to a Steamroller?

Steamroller is the Organised Play competitive set up for warmachine from Privateer Press.

We usually run most of the default rules. At the start of the event the Tournament runner will have people set up terrain on each of the tables.

As soon as everyone has handed in a copy of their lists (or been ticked off as present) the TO will sort out first round pairings. In the first round usually visitors are not matched with other visitors from the same place – seems silly to travel a long way to visit us just to play each other in the first round. After that the pairings are based on how many wins each person has, so at the end of the day their should be just one undefeated player, who will be the winner.


The venue is great, and there is lots of space to move around, but its really useful to have a tray to move your army around on between rounds.

If you get to a table and the terrain doesn’t look right – check with your opponent and call a judge. It might be something got moved and you both agree its easily fixed or you might feel bad that those forests just really suck and its the 3rd time you’ve played on a table with heavy forests and the judges love to tell you tough.

The rounds are played usually on a one hour “Death Clock” using chess clocks. When you first start playing on clock it can be pretty daunting – but warmachine is a game that is much fairer with a limited time span. Might be you need to get some practice in to not clock, but even some of the best players – when presented with a big challenge run out of time.

Once you’ve finished a game – you total up your scores – control points and victory points and one of you (usually the winner) hand the sheet into the Tournament organizer, who will record the result, and give you your sheet back in the next round.