Guard Towers and Defenses.

I’ve been playing with the Guard Tower with the rules as per the privateer press insider here:

WARMACHINE App Update Change Log – April 5, 2023 – Privateer Press

And we’ve used it at a couple of steamrollers and at club nights – and we’ve had some problems with it. Mainly the cost of destroying it (In terms of activations) is too high, and the defensive benefits it affords to models inside it are too high.

Also its status as Not a Model And its nature of Having models inside it, throw up many different issues that each need explicitly addressing.

Its also noted that people do not like change. I have made some notes and emailed into, but will put a record of my notes on a separate post.

Defenses are a very strong CMD card option that are countered by the magic bullet of Sappers, which just seems full of Negative Play opportunities and strange Rock Paper Scissor tactics which I also don’t like.