Warmachine UPDATE Fall 2021

Mark 3 of warmachine was designed to have dynamic updates. So it could stay the same rule set for a long period of time, with little things tweaked here and there to make everything better. Like a cooking recipe.

Anyway – the change this time has been dramatic and this week Warroom will update. The Card database is going to take a little longer – but for the full details check out the insider at:
WARMACHINE & HORDES: Quality of Life Dynamic Update – Privateer Press

The short version though: This is a total rebalance of the game. A few new rules.

Generally everything that was kind of OK has gone down a 10%, everything that was bad has gone down 20-30% and stuff that was good has stayed the same. A few (like 10 things) have got slightly worse. A key one is most Archons got 1 point more expensive/changed slightly.

Another big change is theme forces. All 7 point and a lot of 6 point options have been removed from theme forces.

Some things were changed elsewhere but mainly if a theme force said “Free Small or medium based Solo” it now says “Free Small or medium based solo of 5 or less points”.

The net result of this, is you get 5-10% more bang for you models. This is game size creep. But you are encouraged to use more expensive pieces too. Most old army lists gain 6-10 points, but some don’t. There are some really nice changes here I think.

I’ve listened to some great podcasts on the topic the last few days.

Line of sight. The Meta. ChaosBorn Gaming. Blightbringers. More than Dice.
I’ve not listened to Full Tilt, or Dark Guidance yet but I’m sure we will soon.