Storm Division – is it as good as it seems?

I’m Dan, I’ve been playing Warmachine since the middle of MK2, pretty constantly, first at the kitchen table, with some friends, but then at the Powerfist club in Stafford, and at lots of events around the UK. Now playing at Asgard Games in Walsall often.

Usually I play Legion of Everblight – but during lock down I’ve played online (shout out to https:\\ ) and recently I’ve been playing some Cygnar.

I’ve liked it so much I’ve picked up a bunch of the models for Storm Division.

The Cygnar caster I am most interested in in the recently updated Beth Maddox. She comes in the battle box.

So I managed to get a Cygnar Mystery box from the Privateer Press sale. It came with this box, and a Hurricane and a unit of Stormblades.

I’ve also ordered the following packs:

Stormsmith tower unit
Stormsmith Grenadiers
Stormblade Captain
Stormblade Commander and standard
Alern Strangeways
A Squire
Journeyman warcaster.

I already have 2 Chargers, a Cyclone, a Reliant/Stormclad kit. I have these because I played some Mercs previously.

I’ll get some pictures of the force and add them to the article. I also need to work out my armies!

I’ll get some photos of things as I unbox them, and either add to this article or do some more.