Steam Roller Event 2nd October

We’re running a 24-person event on the 2nd October at Asgard games. First event as a new club, and a great turn out expected – we’ll be providing some pics and updates on how it went shortly after.

Event will be 12 matches for round 1 to determine the pods, at which point based on results we’ll place players into 3 separate brackets, who will all duke it out in their own 8-person steamrollers!

We’ll be running plenty more in the coming months, so why not come on down next time! See below for a sample of the mouth-watering menu the folks at Asgard have got ready for us.

If you can’t wait til the next event, you can find us at the tables every Thursday night.

For details of parking and how to find the venue and how we run steamrollers at Warsall Warmasters check out: